Your Health Can Be Affected By Your Oral Hygiene

Most people normally neglect their oral hygiene. This can be detrimental. Such individuals are likely to have bad breath and other complications. You will note that there has been a lot of emphasis on dental hygiene. It is advisable to brush your teeth at least two times a day. It is advisable that you avoid taking sugary substances. Some of these substances include sweets, sugary soft drinks and so on. In addition, it is advisable to visit your dentist once in a while for a dental checkup. As mentioned earlier, most people have suffered from poor dental hygiene. Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall health? There are a number of ways that this occurs. This article will shed some light on this matter.

Some of these include:

  1. Cardiovascular disease.

This disease is known to affect people who rarely do exercises. However, if you are not observing good dental hygiene, you are likely to suffer from this disease. You will realize that bacteria from inflammation of the gums can get into your bloodstream. These bacteria can be detrimental to your body. It can cause atherosclerosis. This basically refers to the hardening of the arteries, which can lead to the formation of plaque in the inner walls of the arteries and have a negative impact on the flow of blood. This can eventually lead to stroke and even death. A more reason why you need to take care of your teeth.

  1. Lung problems.

You will note that periodontal disease can lead to this problem. You might have serious problems such as pneumonia. Pneumonia can be fatal if itis not well treated. If you fail to take care of your teeth, your mouth can have bacteria that can get into your lungs with time. This is the reason why you need to go for dental checkup in order to ensure that you do not have this disease.

This can help mitigate serious lung problems.

  1. Dementia

If you are suffering from gingivitis, your chances of suffering from dementia are very high. The bacteria from gingivitis can enter into your brain through nerve channels. You might start having cognitive problems. This can interfere with your memory and other things. However, if you observe proper dental hygiene, you might mitigate this problem.

  1. Pregnancy.

Oral health can have some serious impacts on your pregnancy.
You will note that pregnant women who normally have gum disease are likely to develop gestational diabetes. They are likely to deliver their babies earlier than usual. In addition, their babies are likely to have a low-birth-weight. Such babies can have more complications such as developmental problems, ear infections and so on.

It is true to say that oral health can positively or negatively affect your overall health. It is important that you create time and visit your nearest dentist for a dental checkup. If you normally reside in Gramercy Park, you should visit this dentist for a dental checkup. You are also likely to come across a cosmetic dentist who can help you out. This dentist can help in cleaning your teeth and offer other helpful solutions. Take care of your teeth today, and you will lead a healthy life.