Gramercy Park Dentist Smile Gallery

Gramercy Park Smile Gallery

At Artista Dental Studio, we’re proud of our patients’ excellent results.  From teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, our vast range of services and expertise ensures our patients receive the high level of care that they’re expecting. We treat everyone like family and our     ultimate goal is to deliver for each and every one of our patients the health and great results that they deserve.  Please take a look at the case studies below in order to view some of our many success stories!

Smile Makeover - Cosmetic

 Smile Makeover has become a phrase that is used to describe transforming a smile with cosmetic issues into a healthy, youthful and cosmetically pleasing smile.  It is not an easy thing to do and not every dentist can do it right.  Everyone’s smile is different and the way each person smiles is different.  For a dentist it is important, from a cosmetic perspective, to determine how to remake a persons smile.  There are subtle things we can do to make a smile seem perfect for you.

Below is an example of what we can do to make a smile more youthful and cosmetic.

Gramercy-Park-Porcelain-Veneers-New York

Dental Implants

Dental Implants requires the expert touch of a skilled cosmetic dentist that has the knowledge and training to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Let us help you restore your smile and confidence!

Dental Implant supported Bridge

This patient below was missing teeth in his upper left jaw. 2 dental implants were placed and then restored with Implant crowns. This is an effective way to get more teeth allowing the patient to chew with comfort and stability.


Dental Implant Bridge

This photo below is of a two dental implants on the upper right jaw restored with a porcelain bridge. It is cemented into place and does not come out. This is a fantastic way to get permanent teeth in the mouth.


Periodontal Disease and Dental Implants:

This patient below had significant periodontal (gum) disease. The two lower front teeth were then removed and the bone was grafted to allow for optimal healing. A dental implant was then placed and allowed to heal. He always had teeth in the front throughout the process. The final crowns were than placed over the dental implant for cosmetics and function. He can now bite into an apple without issue!


Lower Jaw Dental Implant Bridge

These photos below are of 6 dental implants placed in the lower jaw to restore aesthetics, form and function for the patient. The Porcelain fused to metal bridge will be cemented on the implants. This will allow the patient a full compliment of teeth to eat, speak and smile with like normal.


Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns are a popular cosmetic dentistry option that not only provide aesthetic appeal but also strength and durability to the remaining tooth structure.

Full Lower Jaw Rehabilitation

These photos below are of a patient who had significant wear to the lower teeth over time from chronic Bruxism. All of the lower teeth were placed in porcelain crowns and his bite was equilibrated for optimal aesthetics and dental health. Treatment time 6 weeks.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Before and After

Porcelain Veneers are a cosmetic option to change the color of your teeth.  Porcelain Veneers can also be used to fix crooked, discolored, short teeth giving you the smile makeover you always wanted.

This is an example of Porcelain Veneers to change the length, shape and color of the front four teeth.

These photos below show the before and after of the cosmetic treatment.  She originally had old bonding on her front teeth that were discolored.  She was unhappy with the color, shape and length of the teeth.  This was corrected with the veneers.


The patient below wanted the two front teeth to be a whiter color as well as wanting the other front teeth to be more uniform in shape and color.  The treatment of Porcelain Veneers was the correct option to obtain the cosmetic goal she wanted.


These photos below show before and after photos of Porcelain Veneers. Veneers can be made in any shape or color. Here, they are not made to stand out, but rather to match the surrounding teeth. It is an improvement on his upper front teeth without being obnoxiously noticeable.


These photos below show custom porcelain veneers of the upper front two teeth. They were made to match the surrounding teeth. This patient has hyper-calcifications on all of her teeth causing the white uneven patches. Without custom shading, the upper front teeth would stand out conspicuously. Here she can fix the dark stained tooth, and keep her characteristic smile.


Dental Bleaching / Teeth Whitening

Dental Bleaching Before and After

 Office power whitening.  In one hour it is possible to change the color of your teeth with dental whitening.  The in office power bleaching is much stronger and safer than the over the counter whitening trays or strips.  It is more effective and you are not swallowing any of the materials used to whiten your teeth.



Smile Makeover with Teeth Whitening and Crowns:

The photos below show the upper teeth were all redone with porcelain veneers and crowns to whiten and correct her smile. The lower teeth only had whitening completed at patient request.


Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding – Before and After

Bonding is a cost effective way to repair teeth.  We are able to add length, change color, and repair chips.

Treatment time: 1 Visit, no shots, 45 minutes

This patient below broke his Upper Front left tooth and chose to repair his tooth with Cosmetic Bonding.  He was very happy with the cosmetic bonding procedure since there were no shots and no pain involved.  Bonding can be an affordable way to enhance your smile.


Treatment time: 1 Visit, no shots, 45 minutes

This patient below broke her Upper Front two teeth and chose to repair her teeth with Cosmetic Bonding.  She was very happy with the cosmetic bonding procedure since there were no shots and no pain involved.  Bonding can be an affordable way to enhance your smile.


 This patient below didn’t like the spaces in her smile.  Cosmetic Bonding was completed in one visit without pain to close the spaces.  Bonding is an option we suggest to our patients to help them enhance their smile.


The photos below show the front tooth of a young girl had hypo-calcification. It was a dark spot on her front tooth. After the defect was removed, cosmetic bonding material was placed giving a perfect color match. Treatment time: 20 min.


Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are a dental restoration that surrounds the whole tooth.  It is a procedure that is performed when the tooth has significant damage or needs strength. A crown is also called a cap.  There are several types of material that crowns are made from, however we choose to use the strongest and most cosmetic material available.  Porcelain crowns are made to match the shape, size, and color or your teeth giving you a natural, long-lasting beautiful smile.

A dental Bridge is a fixed (non-removable) appliance and is an excellent way to replace missing teeth.  There are several types of bridges. Porcelain fixed bridges are most popular because they resemble your natural teeth.  This type of bridge consists to two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth (abutment teeth) and are attached to pontics (artificial teeth), filling the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Before and After Photo


In this case above and below, the patient arrives with old temporary fake teeth in the upper front (Upper Left).  Upon further inspection the patient is also missing multiple teeth in the upper arch (Upper Right).  She wants to make her smile look better and replace the missing teeth.  After discussing different options, the treatment plan calls for Crowns and Bridges, Whitening (Bleaching) and restorative dentistry to remove old amalgam (silver) fillings and replace them with tooth colored bonded composite fillings. (Bottom Left and Right) These pictures show the patient in her Temporary crowns and bridges.


The images below show the Crowns and Bridges sitting atop the patient’s stone models.  The crowns were designed to close spaces, whiten, as well as creating a more youthful and feminine smile (Upper Left and Right).  We also removed the lower braces and whitened her teeth before selecting the new color of the porcelain crowns and bridges.  The custom porcelain crowns and bridges were designed to fit her smile (Lower Left and Right).  She was extremely happy with the results.



When it comes to one of the most popular orthodontics treatments today, Invisalign has become extremely popular for teens and adults both.  When you’re considering clear braces vs metal braces,  it usually comes down to personal preference.  Discuss with your orthodontist whether   Invisalign is the most effective and desired choice for you based on your lifestyle.

Upper Invisalign

This photo below is a before and after using clear trays to correct upper crowding. Treatment time 6 months.


Lower Crowding corrected with Invisalign:

This photo below is a before and after using Invisalign clear trays to correct lower crowding. Treatment time 7 months.


Orthodontics & Retainers

Post Orthodontic Permanent Retainer:

After orthodontics treatments it is important to wear a retainer. This helps keep the teeth in the proper position. A permanent retainer is a small wire bonded to the back of the upper and lower teeth and is much more predictable and cosmetic.



Dentures have always been a reliable dental treatment for missing teeth. They are removable and convenient, and range from partial dentures to complete dentures based on how many missing teeth there are.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dentures

This patient below presented with many missing teeth and a bite that was incorrect. He had jaw pain and was unable to smile. In just 6 weeks, this patient had a new calibrated smile and bite that fit his mouth proportionally. He had dentures made on both the upper and lower jaws and they firmly attach to new crowns.


Dental Implants attached to a Denture

This patient below used to wear a partial denture on her upper jaw, but they were always falling out. Three dental Implants were placed and a new denture was fabricated. The new denture attaches to the dental implants allowing it to be stable in her mouth. It is removable for cleaning purposes and is strong enough to chew without any issues.

The stone model and the denture show the dental implant attachments that the denture attaches to for stability.



Fillings are a simple one visit procedure where the tooth is repaired using tooth colored bonded resin.  Not only is the material strong, it is also cosmetic making the tooth look as if nothing was ever done to it.  This treatment can be done to repair broken teeth, cavities,or to replace old silver amalgam fillings.  We use the latest techniques to minimize the amount of drilling to the tooth leaving as much tooth structure as possible.

Below, this patient had cavity underneath some of the old silver amalgam filling.  The cavity and the silver was removed and replaced with the bonded tooth colored filling material.  Treatment time was 45 minutes.


 Below, this patient had a cavity on the last tooth causing him discomfort.  Although the cavity seemed to be localized in only the one circular area, is had become a dispersed cavity underneath the enamel of the tooth.  The new bonded tooth colored filling was placed and made the tooth stronger along with resolving the patients sensitivity issue.


Laser Gum Recontouring

 This patient below had a gummy smile on one side of his mouth making his smile uneven.  This disparity in tooth length causes a cosmetic issue.  By using Laser Dentistry we can re-contour the gum for a more aesthetic result.  The post-op photos below are 1 week later.


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