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Your Health Can Be Affected By Your Oral Hygiene

Most people normally neglect their oral hygiene. This can be detrimental. Such individuals are likely to have bad breath and other complications. You will note that there has been a lot of emphasis on dental hygiene. It is advisable to brush your teeth at least two times a day. It is advisable that you avoid taking sugary substances. Some of these substances include sweets, sugary soft drinks and so on. In addition, it is advisable to visit your dentist once in a while for a dental checkup. As mentioned earlier, most people have suffered from poor dental hygiene. Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall health? There are a number of ways that this occurs. This article will shed some light on this matter.

Some of these include:

  1. Cardiovascular disease.

This disease is known to affect people who rarely do exercises. However, if you are not observing good dental hygiene, you are likely to suffer from this disease. You will realize that bacteria from inflammation of the gums can get into your bloodstream. These bacteria can be detrimental to your body. It can cause atherosclerosis. This basically refers to the hardening of the arteries, which can lead to the formation of plaque in the inner walls of the arteries and have a negative impact on the flow of blood. This can eventually lead to stroke and even death. A more reason why you need to take care of your teeth.

  1. Lung problems.

You will note that periodontal disease can lead to this problem. You might have serious problems such as pneumonia. Pneumonia can be fatal if itis not well treated. If you fail to take care of your teeth, your mouth can have bacteria that can get into your lungs with time. This is the reason why you need to go for dental checkup in order to ensure that you do not have this disease.

This can help mitigate serious lung problems.

  1. Dementia

If you are suffering from gingivitis, your chances of suffering from dementia are very high. The bacteria from gingivitis can enter into your brain through nerve channels. You might start having cognitive problems. This can interfere with your memory and other things. However, if you observe proper dental hygiene, you might mitigate this problem.

  1. Pregnancy.

Oral health can have some serious impacts on your pregnancy.
You will note that pregnant women who normally have gum disease are likely to develop gestational diabetes. They are likely to deliver their babies earlier than usual. In addition, their babies are likely to have a low-birth-weight. Such babies can have more complications such as developmental problems, ear infections and so on.

It is true to say that oral health can positively or negatively affect your overall health. It is important that you create time and visit your nearest dentist for a dental checkup. If you normally reside in Gramercy Park, you should visit this dentist for a dental checkup. You are also likely to come across a cosmetic dentist who can help you out. This dentist can help in cleaning your teeth and offer other helpful solutions. Take care of your teeth today, and you will lead a healthy life.


Case Study

Our expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Manfredi, has prepared a series of case studies that we will highlight to show the professional work he can do. This is the first case study.

This patient presented with many missing teeth and a bite that was severely collapsed. His upper jaw and lower teeth were hitting each other because he had no lower back teeth to give him a proper bite. Additionally, because of this issue, he was wearing down his lower front teeth and irritating his gums. This was due to a lack of posterior teeth (premolars and molars) for a long period of time and then the dentures that were made for him weren’t done properly which exacerbated the issue.

If his gums continued to become irritated it could cause more severe gum disease.

Additionally, by wearing his teeth down further they wouldn’t be useful to eat and they could become infected.

This condition also caused everyday issues. He was able to eat, but not eat the foods he wanted which lead to loss of weight. Also, he wasn’t confident in his appearance, which resulted in lower self-esteem and frequent withdraw from others.

To properly fix this cosmetic and functional issue, we needed to give this patient posterior teeth, four on one side and 5 on the other side. There were several treatment options: dental implants, crowns, and removable dentures.

By using dental implants, the dentures are more secure and don’t put stress on the existing teeth. Alternatively, you could use dental implants for something permanent that doesn’t get removed in the mouth, like a bridge or crowns. Dental implants are a superior product with longevity, strength and cosmetics. The drawbacks on dental implants are the time it takes to complete the treatment, not every patient is an ideal candidate, and it is more costly and not always covered by insurance.

For this patient’s condition, we decided to go with crowns and a removable denture. He needed crowns on his existing teeth because they were worn down, the crowns would help support the new dentures, and they would cosmetically fit the bite better.

Treatment time was little over one month. His initial visit was a consultation; the next visit was confirmation of the treatment plan. Once the treatment plan was in place, the physical work took 5 weeks. The first visit dealt with preparing the teeth, taking impressions and measurements. The following visit was trying in the crowns and fitting the dentures. The last visit was inserting the dentures and crowns.

Not only did we get his smile looking much better, he is now able to eat the foods he enjoys. It is simple to see that this smile needed to be corrected, but it’s the “how” that is exciting and important. If you need more information on dental implants, crowns, dentures, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures, call Artista Dental Studio for a free consultation.

When You Ought To Visit An Oral Surgeon In Gramercy Park, NYC

The majority of us seem to be intimidated at the thought of undergoing “oral surgery” since we might think of it as something related to an agonizing, expensive and dangerous procedure. However, this is far from true, and Dr. Manfredi, an expert oral surgeon in Gramercy Park is adept at performing these surgical procedures without causing you any sort of pain or unwanted side effects. In most cases, it is possible for any patient to resume his daily activities after only a few days following the surgery. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention when you need to visit an oral dentist Gramercy Park.

Removal of wisdom teeth

This job is usually performed by an experienced Gramercy Park oral surgeon since any general dentist might find it somewhat challenging to do. Extractions of wisdom teeth can be quite difficult, and this procedure can get more complicated in case there is any gum disease and/or tooth decay. All these issues can be handled successfully by a competent oral surgeon who has successfully treated many patients in the past.

Missing teeth

Additional pressure can be caused on the normal healthy teeth by any missing tooth resulting in fractures as well as breakages in most cases. Moreover, this condition might even damage the bone tissue in our jaw. Although some dentists can handle this, they usually prefer to send their patients to a cosmetic dentist who can provide them with several options such as dental implants

Impacted canine teeth

A regular dentist will not usually treat any impacted canine teeth since surgery will be required on most occasions. It is possible to remove those wisdom teeth, which are stuck in the gums; however, a different type of procedure will be required for the impacted canines.

Persistent jaw pain

One of the indications of TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder happens to be persistent jaw pain. In most cases, dentists recommend treatments such as oral appliances and jaw relaxation techniques, and an oral surgeon will be the appropriate person to perform these types of treatments.

Sleep apnea treatment

Although several options are available for sleep apnea which is actually a serious sleep disorder, surgery is definitely one surefire way to get rid of the problem. A professional cosmetic dentist in Gramercy Park, Dr. Manfredi will be able to eliminate the excess tissue from the back of the throat, thus minimizing the symptoms to a great extent by clearing the airway.

Bite problems

A general dentist is not going to be effective for treating individuals having misaligned teeth, and an orthodontist is recommended for these types of situations. However, an oral surgeon will be needed for aligning the underlying jaws in case they also happen to be misaligned. This type of surgery which is also known as corrective jaw surgery will be able to treat an open bite, overbite, underbite, and other types of bite problems effectively.

In case you are struggling with any of these above-mentioned conditions, do not hesitate to take the help of an oral surgeon in Gramercy Park who can help you to get rid of these issues successfully. However, make adequate research for picking a cosmetic dentist in your locality, and for this, you can look for online reviews from the previous clients of any particular oral surgeon. Dr. Manfredi has a stellar reputation and impressive credentials to help with any oral issue you might have.

Sleep Apnea: What it does to your body

Sleep apnea is a conditioning where a person’s breathing repeatedly pauses while sleeping. It causes the person to wake up then resume sleeping. These sleep interruptions cause people to feel unrested and extra tired during the day.

What most don’t know are the other effects sleep apnea has on one’s body:

Respiratory System – While one sleeps, the body rejuvenates and restrengthens itself to be able to take on the next day. Asthma, COPD, and shortness of breath are all things that one with sleep apnea can expect.

Endocrine System – one with sleep apnea is more likely to develop insulin resistance where cells don’t respond to the hormone insulin as others. This causes your blood sugar to increase and type 2 diabetes to develop. There are also links between sleep apnea and high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, and larger than normal waist.

Digestive System – the liver is directly affected by sleep apnea with sufferers frequently having fatty liver disease, liver scarring, and high than normal levels of liver enzymes. It can also make heartburn and symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) worse, which also will interrupt sleeping.

Circulatory and cardiovascular systems – sleep apnea has been directly connected to obesity and high blood pressure, both can lead to heart failure. A person with sleep apnea is also more likely to have an abnormal heart rhythm like atrial fibrillation, which could increase the risk of stroke.

Nervous System – depending on the type of sleep apnea one has, numbness and tingling can be common neurological symptoms seen since there is a disruption in the brain’s signals.

Reproductive System – because your body is not getting adequate rest, many have a lower sex drive, are less fertile, and some men have erectile dysfunction issues.

As you can see, sleep apnea affects every part of one’s body. If you struggle with sleep apnea, call Dr. Manfredi at Artista Dental Studio for a consultation today!

Dental Implants VS. Dentures

The latest statistics reveal that nearly 70% of the adult population in the United States have at least one missing tooth due to reasons such as accidents, dental fractures, gum disease or tooth decay. But you don’t have to go through your entire life with a missing tooth or teeth since there are numerous treatment methods for missing teeth. Dentures and dental implants are the two most common treatment options for missing teeth. Dentures are a kind of false teeth – which have improved in quality over time. But still, they are not the ideal option for everyone with missing teeth. That is where dental implants come in handy. Whether you opt for dental implants or dentures to cover up your missing teeth, you need the services of a reputable cosmetic dentist in Union Square.

Dentures are false teeth that are not permanent. In fact, if such teeth are not secured with an effective denture adhesive, these teeth can slip out of place when eating or speaking – which can be embarrassing to most people. On the other hand, partial dentures promote infections and decay in other teeth if they are not fitted properly. But dentures are the best choice for people with weak gums and jawbone structures. On the other hand, if you have missing teeth and your gums and jawbone structure are strong, you can opt for dental implants.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are surgically implanted into the jawbone. In fact, dental implants can last for more than 20 years with proper oral hygiene. That is why implants are extremely popular with patients who have more than one missing tooth. In fact, implants can be an alternative to dentures in patients who have several missing teeth. They are the best option if you have a strong jawbone and gum structure. There are many advantages of dental implants compared to dentures. Some of these benefits include:

When you have more than one missing tooth, the shrinkage of the jawbone can make you look older than your actual age. Implants will help slow down or prevent this situation altogether. Implants look and feel like your natural teeth. Implants relieve much of the discomfort and pain associated with removable full or partial dentures. On the other hand, ill-fitting dentures can cause the teeth to slip while you speak. This can result in clicking noises or slurred speech over time.

Implants can prevent this condition and improve your speech. In fact, replacement teeth will allow you to speak with confidence and in a relaxed tone. These are some of the most important advantages of dental implants compared to partial or full dentures. You need a reputable and experienced cosmetic dentist in Union Square to treat the condition of missing teeth.

With a host of cosmetic dental clinics in the area, finding the right one is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when doing so – researching the dentist and the practice reviews is a great first step.   

Contact Dr. Joseph Manfredi with Artista Dental for a consultation. At this appointment, the dentist will exam your teeth and gums and recommend the best option for you. Contact us today for an appointment. 

The Use of Botox in Treating TMJ

Botox treatment in Flat Iron is among the methods you can rely on to manage Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). First, you should ensure you locate the best TMJ treatment in Flat Iron where you can meet the best dentists who will follow the right procedure while treating your complication. We have the best cosmetic dentist in Flat Iron whom you can rely on to achieve the best services. In our dental office, we will assess your situation and ensure we are applying the right procedure. Several other people have used our services, and they are highly satisfied.

Apart from the TMJ treatment, you can as well access services such as teeth whitening in Flat Iron as well as dental implants in Flat Iron. All the services we carry out we ensure we adhere to the best practices so that you are assured the best services ever. Why you should contact us for Botox treatment in Flat Iron Botox treatment in Flat Iron provides quick relief If you are looking for a way you can achieve quick relief from your TMJ problem, then you need to contact us.

Our TMJ treatment in Flat Iron will be administered professionally so that it can treat different complications on your face. For you to be assured of excellent services, it is necessary to carry out research and compare various service providers. Even if you visit several centers in Flat Iron where dental services are offered, you will discover we are the best center where you can be assured of excellent services. If you need cosmetic dental veneers in Flat Iron, then you need to contact us, and you will never regret.

We are dental experts who are dedicated to offering you the best services. Helps in restoring normal facial expressions Apart from teeth whitening Flat Iron, you will need other services which can help you restore your beautiful facial expression. You will be assured of remarkable success after you decide to use our TMJ treatment services in Flat Iron. Our dentists will professionally apply Botox so that you will be left with a great smile which you deserve.

We have been in business for many years hence we know what it takes for you to be assured of excellent services. Try our services at any given time, and you will be happy to receive your smile back. Botox treatment in Flat Iron helps relief pain even after other methods have failed Dentists resort to Botox treatment after they have tried different methods without success. Even if you have been exposed to chronic pain, you need to visit us, and we will try the method to help you get rid of the severe pain. Our cosmetic dentists in Flat Iron are experienced in applying Botox treatment so that you can be assured of quick relief from your pain.

Other services we offer include Invisalign. You should not give up even if you have tried several methods without success, just call us, and we will assess your condition and administer Botox treatment in Flat Iron for you to enjoy life.

You can always contact Artista Dental Studio if you suspect any oral concern that you might have. Dr. Joseph Manfredi is available to check out your teeth and mouth. He will evaluate your specific dental needs and offer you the best dental solutions.


Gum Disease

Gum disease is an oral medical condition that manifests itself by infecting the tissues that anchor your teeth.  It is also known as Periodontal Disease. It often leads to teeth loss, and advances to affecting your jawbone at the full-blown stage. The main cause of gum disease is plaque, a sticky film of bacteria. Our mouths are a jungle and home to bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. The mouth, and particularly the teeth, are constantly vulnerable to many bacteria. Most of them are harmless as they are swallowed and killed by stomach enzymes. Some just grow in our mouths just because of the ideal environment our mouths offer for them to thrive.

There are however, some harmful bacteria. Plaque is one of them, and it is constantly being formed around our teeth, although in mild amounts. This means that every person is vulnerable to gum disease if proper oral hygiene isn’t observed. Dentists are the best people to offer oral hygiene awareness and services. For a common disease such as the gum disease, it is advisable to get an opinion from a qualified dental practitioners, such as Gramercy Park Dental.

Gramercy Park Dental is a New York based Dental healthcare facility that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral cleaning & prevention, periodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, teeth restorations, pediatric dentistry and periodontal disease. They offer world-class oral health services as well as professional oral health advice and awareness.

Gramercy Park is the recommended dental facility in New York, no matter your oral condition. They offer the best gum disease solution services at all stages of the
periodontal disease. They recommend regular periodontal check-ups as dental issues are best handled and most likely treatable when discovered at an early stage. Gum disease is one of such conditions.

Gum disease is a painless condition that often goes unnoticed. It starts off as gingivitis, a relatively mild bacterial infection on the gum region. If left untreated, the bacteria manifest itself into plaque, which attacks the gums and in particular, the pockets in between the teeth working its way into the jawbone and connective tissue. Apart from teeth loss, gum disease is an indication of more serious issues such as heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes.

Factors that increase chances of contracting gum disease

Apart from poor oral hygiene, there are other factors that increase the risk of developing gum disease.

They include:

  • Genetic history
  • Diabetes Pregnancy
  • Use of tobacco
  • Crooked teeth that are hard to clean
  • Some types of medication including cancer therapy drugs and oral contraceptives

Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Sore or tender gums
  • Swollen gums Gums that bleed easily
  • Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Presence of puss between gums and teeth
  • Receding gum lines
  • Any change in the way your teeth fit together while biting


Gramercy Park Dental performs both surgical and non-surgical treatments depending on how advanced a patient’s condition is. The most common treatments provided at Gramercy Park include: Pocket elimination Surgery- a surgical process that reduces the pocket size between the teeth and gums. Dental Implants- rectifying teeth loss by filling empty gums. Scaling and root palming- removing the bacteria and calculus that causes gum disease. Tissue regeneration- grafting procedure that actively encourages damaged tissue to grow back.

For more information on gum disease and treatment, contact Gramercy Park Dental.

Why It Is Important To Wear a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards minimize the risk of injuries to your jaw, face, tongue lips and teeth by cushioning a blow to the face. They usually cover the upper teeth and are useful in protecting the soft tissues of your cheek lining, lips and tongue. Knowing how to prevent such injuries is very important if you participate in any sports or other recreational activities. If you live in Gramercy Park, Manhattan and you participate in sports, or your child does, it is wise to consult a Gramercy Park dentist to find out the best mouth guard you can use. The benefits of a good mouth guard cannot be overstated! Below are some sports where mouth guards are particularly helpful:


Football and rugby are great sports but require a lot of contact. One hard hit is all it takes to get a painful and damaging hit to your face and mouth. It will not matter whether you are an experienced player or not. If you are hit hard, there is risk of breaking your teeth and dislocating your jaw. The best way to minimize this risk is by wearing a mouth guard.


Even though baseball is not much of a contact sport, there is still the risk of getting hit on the mouth. You can get injuries from landing face-first into a plate or getting hit on the face by a stray ball. To avoid serious damage to your mouth, you should wear a mouth guard.


The purpose of the game is spiking the ball. Unfortunately, the ball might end up spiking you. In basketball, the game has more contact and risk of getting hit on your mouth is higher. For example, your opponent might accidentally hit you on your mouth with their elbow. Take note this is a common injury in basketball. This is why wearing a mouth guard is a great way to reduce injuries on your face should the ball spike you.


People who use skateboards typically wear protective gear such as shin guards, knee guards and even helmets. What they forget is protective gear for the mouth. Even though they are not mandatory, it is advisable to have one on when you are skating. This type of protective gear will save you a trip to the dentist should you trip and land on your face.


Whether you are a mountain biker going for a short trail or an aspiring dirt bike racer, a mouth guard is a must. Even the most experienced and careful rider can hit a hole or rock on the road and land on their face. In such a scenario, it would be wise to ensure the teeth are as crash proof as possible. A mouth guard is the best defense against such injuries.

A concussion is the most life threatening and serious consequence from oral-facial sports trauma. During sports, there are chances of blows of varying degrees to be delivered to the chin, jaw and mouth. Additionally, broken teeth, dislocated jaws and bitten tongues are also a consequence. The best way to reduce the likelihood of such injuries is by wearing a mouth guard. Without a mouth guard, a blow to the face may end up with the victim going to a Gramercy Park cosmetic dentist for reconstructive surgery.

For a personalized mouth guard made just for your mouth, contact Artista Dental Studio today! We also provide restorative dentistry to fix any injuries that happen to your mouth.

Ways Of Getting Back Your Awesome Smile

Having a bright smile is one thing that we all desire. Celebrities and other high profile people have a smile that we all wish for. This is achievable if we have teeth that are white and properly aligned. People that have teeth which are discolored or not properly aligned can also get a bright smile thanks to the skills and experience of Dr. Joseph Manfredi. The following are some of the teeth problems that he deals with.

Discolored teeth

Stained teeth are usually a nightmare for many people. Some of the remedies to stained teeth include whitening toothpaste and porcelain veneers. Whitening strips are also very reliable and they use peroxide chemical to eliminate any discoloration on the teeth. It usually takes about a month for results for the whitening paste to be realized. These methods are usually very affordable compared to the other techniques of whitening. Whitening trays are another technique that is always used although the number of shades is limited. Dr. Joseph Manfredi uses the zoom whitening technique which has always been effective on his many clients.

Cracked teeth

Infections are bound to happen on teeth that are cracked and worn out. Gum irritation is also characteristic of cracked teeth that are damaged extensively. There is a higher probability of infections occurring when your teeth are worn out. The most common solution for this problem is having a root canal. A crack on the tooth that hasn’t affected the gum can be solved by crowning.

Crooked teeth

Overlapping of the teeth is a common problem that needs to be addressed early. Porcelain veneers can be used to correct this problem. They help in shaping up the teeth and give you that smile you have always wanted. In the case where the porcelain veneers cannot be used, there is always an option of using the orthodontics.

Chipped teeth

Solving this problem is usually easy and less costly. Dental bonding is the procedure that is used. A material that is similar to the teeth is used to cover the place that has been chipped on the tooth. Alternatively, porcelain veneers can be used. Affordability and effectiveness of this procedure make it a favorite among clients of Dr. Joseph Manfredi.

Missing teeth

Do you have a missing tooth that you need to be replaced? Titanium Dental Implants have become a common form of replacing missing teeth. The titanium acts as a base and is compatible with the jaw thus making it easy for the healing to take place. You never have to worry about walking around with a missing tooth because Dr. Joseph Manfredi has the solution that you need.

You can always reach out to Dr. Joseph Manfredi and book an appointment for him to identify your dental issue. All the oral health care that you have been looking for can be found at Artista Dental Studio.